Meet Josie

I’ve been studying craniosacral therapy since 2011 and have been a certified RCST® practitioner since 2015. My own healing journey has brought me through many modalities including herbal medicine, reiki, massage, and craniosacral therapy. I acknowledge that every body is on a unique path toward health, and that health doesn’t have to look one particular way. As we continue to uncover deeper layers of healing in ourselves, we can shed outdated ways of being—the ways we adapted to the world around us that no longer serve us. I trust in the wisdom and resilience of the body.

As a survivor of childhood traumas including alcoholism and physical and sexual abuse, I am dedicated to holding a trauma-informed space for clients and understand the needs for safety and non-violence.


The Everything Space

My craniosacral practice is currently housed by a collaboratively run movement studio called the Everything Space, located at 64 Main Street in Montpelier Vermont, above the old One More Time. TES offers classes, consultations, individual sessions, performances, and creative space. Check out their offerings and mission HERE.